You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.

Here come the Griswalds!

The entire family could agree on one thing when deciding vacation 2018. We did not want to go look at the same beach for a week. With the same sea shell dollar stores, eating the same beach food. We didn’t want to cruise again. We have cruised 7 times, we love them, but we were all leaning toward something so different that when we told people, their mouths would drop. For us, that was California! We all quicky agreed California had everything to offer for our adventures. The 5 yr old could go to Universal Hollywood and LegoLand. The teenager could go to SkySpace, shop on Rodeo drive, go to Griffith Observatory. The husband and I could visit movies featured in horror show and finally mark the Walk of Fame off our bucket list. So, California, here comes the Griswalds! 


Airplane + 4.50 minutes = 2 Valiums