You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.

Who am I....

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend...child of God


My name is Brandi McCain. I am 41. I am happily married to the most amazing man ever, Jason. He is a flight paramedic for Air-Evac lifeteam. He has served there for over 10 years, and he has saved lived well over 16 years. He is my rock. My best friend. I was also a Paramedic in a past life. For 10 years. That’s how I met him.  He works 24 hour shifts, 4-5 days a week. Yes, you read that correct. 4-5 days a week. Being a Paramedic is a job for a totally different section in this blog. Let’s just say we could both write books on what we have seen and done in the field.

John 15:13...There is no greater love than  those who lay their life down for one’s friend.

We have 2 beautiful gifts from God. Presley Erin is the oldest at 16. She is out little genuis. She is smart, beautiful, God Fearing, classy but not sassy, city loving, book reading, bible journaling, snapchatting, texting 100 wpm, cupcake eating, new clothes shoppping,  just started driving, heart of Gold, cry on her shoulder kind of person. She has the heart and mind I wish I would have had at 16. She is in all honors classes at her school (Hokes Bluff High School) and she is currently ranked #10 out of 110 students. We are proud. Humbled by her pure spirit. Her gentle kindness and her soft heart. She is going places. She has goals.  She cares for literally everyone. Even those who have inflicted pain on her, as most teens all go through, she still cares about them. She does not speak hateful words towards anyone. She had literally became my hero and role model. 

Then we have out literally-miracle from God (they both are-but this one came along after so many trials and test, shots and medicine. She is our rainbow baby. That’s why there is 12 years difference in the girls. And we praise the Lord for giving us patience and through the tears and pain we still praised him. Palin is 4. She is our little spunk! A personality the size of Texas. She is a attention getter. Every where we go. I swear, we have not went one day since she started walking and talking, where someone has not said “Oh my goodness she is the cutest thing!” She spends alot of time with me (24/7) so she has picked up on alot of things I say and do.  And she loves to repeat them! Her smile will light up any room! All of her big sisters friends adore her and always talk to her and play with her. She is also smart. By the time she was 3.5 she could write her first and last name, as well as all her ABC’s. She has been to so many dr’s appts and visits with me. She has been to gyno, mammo’s, blood work, xrays, physical therapy, my moms heart doctor, my dads cancer doctor and more. She is a fast learner and remembers why we go to each doctor. She has probaly seen and heard more than any other 4 year old.  So she is very alert and ask alot of questions. She and I talk alot. With my oldest at school all day-then homework, social life & church-and then my husband works so much...Palin and I spend every minute together. We wake together, eat together, (tmi)  go to the bathroom together, nap, watch TV, shop, go to the park-mall-ice cream-movies...we do everything together. And I cherish every single second of it just like I did when Presley was little. I cherish my time with all 3 of them. 


We are members of Freedom Church in Gadsden, Alabama. We are located on 12th street next to Marvins. Please come visit us anytime!

Much Love!

Brandi McCain