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This little mole of mine....

How this blog came to be.

  • This little mole of mine....

    Why start a blog? I have no idea. As of today, Oct 25, I still don’t have the courage yet to tell my mom, dad Or my oldest daughter.  So I had this little mole. Every now and then it would itch a little. Nothing major. But as soon as that began I started watching it-taking pictures of it. Within 2 months I noticed it had changed so it was time to go see the Dr. I had a few skin tags I wanted removed anyway so hey..what the heck. Oct 4: Well he removed the tags and when he looked at this little devil he said it would need to be checked out by the surgeon. At the time I didn’t understand why he didn’t just biopsy it, but now I’s because he knew it would need a bigger incision. So I made another appt on Oct 17. Dr Campbell told me he was going to remove it. I had no idea what that meant besides the fact that he was going to remove it. After I removed the bandage a day later I thought, “goodness...was he digging for Gold” It was so sore. It was 3xs a large as my mole. (But that’s still nothing compared to my WLE-in blog also) And it looks gross. I started to get a little nervous and begin to do some research and that just made it worse. So I did what I know to do...I turned to God. I just prayed day and night. It was the longest 8 days. On Oct 24,  the dr told me I had stage 1a Melanoma Skin cancer. My 4 year old was with me so I had to hold it together but inside I was devastated. As he continued to talk all I could think was what were all these words he was saying! I was wishing my husband was there. I had literally just stopped by the dr’s office to get some topical creame because I was allergic to the adhesive badages and had a nasty rash. Everything was just a blur. I called my husband from my Tahoe sitting in the parking lot and he kept asking me questions that I didn’t know. I was crying and my toddler was asking what was wrong. So I drug myself back inside with the red eyes and snotty nose and he took me and sit me down and gave me a cooy of the pathology report and explained it again. By the time he was done talking I realized one thing...God had saved me!! We caught this in time and I gave praise! I praised and I cried and I praised some more.
    I was diagnosed at Stage 1a
    Clarkes level 2
    Thickness 0.30mm 
    Mitotic Rate: 0
    No lymphocytic response
    No regression
    Margins free and clear
    And re-excision was not necessary. In other words, no other treatment was needed. I did choose to have a 2nd opion at UAB. That appt coming up. But overall, I was saved by God. By His Love. And By His Grace 
    Thank you almighty Jesus.
    I went on Nov 1, 2017 to get a second opinion and this time went to Dr Jeffrey Martin in Gadsden. He said the path report did appear it was all removed BUT...(here it comes) Lets schedule you at UAB with a surgical oncologist and get a WLE (wide local excision) done to make sure. I was fine with this. Making sure I don’t have cancer is more than ok with me!

  • Day 2 post Initial Incision Oct 19, 2017

    2 days after my incision. Nasty little thing, huh.

Day 10 post incision. Oct 26, 2017 see post below for blog about my irish blood and pale skin

My Irish blood and Pale Skin

Still looks nasty. But I Don’t care about a scar or anything! I’m just grateful and so very thankful!! (10/26/17) *the red rash around it is from the allergic reaction*  Who knew I was so allergic to adhesives.  As you can see my skin is so fair and light. I do have alot of freckles and moles.  I am currently in the process of marking them and taking pictures of them to have checked. Like every teenager, I did spend some time in tanning beds. I was always very hard to tan. So I would always burn. Looking back now I wish I would have listened to all the tanning bed warnings. I can’t change the past but I can for sure change the present and the future! I have not been in a tanning bed in so many years, but the damage was already done. I have always used sunblock on my face, however, my shoulders-tops of my legs-and stomach always got blistered. If I have to remove 80 moles I will do it!

My pathology report

I also had a mole in this area removed at the same time. It came back benign. Thankful!! Let me tell you-stitches in the neck are not fun. I ended up with a nasty rash from the adhesive badages. This was day 5. Oct 21


My benign mole and my awful allergic reaction to the adhesive bandages (Day 6)

Oct 27, 2017 stitches out

Finally got the stitches out today. Felt so good to get them out of my neck. Oddly enough the one that was benign was the one that was the biggest pain. 🤷‍♀️

Day 6 post stitches removal.                               Day 14 post initial incision.  Still looks rough

Flash back....(Oct 4, 2017)

This day I had went in just to have some skin tags removed.  While there (I had on shorts-this is Alabama, lol) I was rubbing the “bad one” and that’s how it all got started. 


These tags were under my arm pit. Yes I am aware of how gross it is. But, these tags sorta saved my life! They were very annoying, especially when shaving, so I made an appt to remove them. Dr Baum removed them by numbing the area (😳) with a shot in my armpit and burning them. Burning procedure makes them so sore and irritated. Bad spot for this to be done but so grateful and blessed!! 

Oct 30, 2017

And then there were 3...


Tomorrow, (Happy Halloween) I will be having this one-the 3rd one-removed by Dr Campbell in Gadsden. It is currently located on the back of my left shoulder. I honestly never knew it was there. A few months ago my husband ask if I had a bug bite (I was scratched a little) and i was whats this? It’s for sure a very odd shaped and has a wierd shadow around it. I will be glad to get it off.  After my past history just a few weeks ago,  I figured lets get these boogers off.  Praying and praising His Holy and Glorious name for good test results. 

Oct 31, 2017

Back side of my left shoulder

Well, number 3 is off! It is alot of relief knowing that it’s off. Now to praise God and pray daily for good results!!! He is greater than I!  

Strange how the stitching is identical to my first one. 😳 The surgery is 81. Yes...81. And he has a 5 star plus rating. He could probaly do this in his sleep.  Still, I have to admit I was a little nervous when he came limping through the door. Overall, I would still recommend him. He was a very sweet and caring man. I wish I could say the same for Dr Baum.  Ugh. I don’t know. I’m going tomorrow to meet another dermatologist. I just wasn’t impressed or comfortable with the way Dr Baum presented the case to me when he initially told me I had melanoma. I wasn’t expecting him to cuddle with me, but I was expecting a little more compassion. 

This one was benign! Thank you Lord

Got the call on Nov 7 that the one pictured above (on back of shoulder) was actually some wierd name Dermatofibroma. This is a benign (I love that word!) fibrous nodule. 

And belly makes 4.....

The odd one on the belly, biopsied today, 11/1/17

Nov 1, 2017 I went to another dermatologist.  I wanted to meet him because he has great reviews and I wanted him to read my pathology report. While I was there he did a quick biposy on this mole on my belly. The only reason it caused concern was because the borders were odd. As you can tell from my skin, I have deep irish blood and we freckle in the sun. So I do have alot of freckles/moles. I may look like a pi cushion when I’m done! 


Overall, I loved Dr Jeffery Martin! His nurse and PA was amazing. His bed side manners spoke to me as a patient with a previous case of melanoma. He also told me that if it was him reading the pathology report to another patient that he would have referred them to Dr Wong at UAB. I told him I was totally fine with that! I have been wanting that. He said Dr Wong may want to open it back up. Well let’s crack that sucker open! This is cancer! It’s not a runny nose! I want ALL possible options I can get! 

Belly biopsy on 11/1/17

Praise God! 11/3/17 (#4)

Got a call today from the doctors office. This one on my belly was dysplastic nevi! Praise God!! One more result to go (back of shoulder) 

Today is the DAY! 11/10/17

LWE (left upper thigh)

Today was my “real” LWE.  I went in so nervous. Almost in tears as I got out of the car. My little one is 4 and we are literally connected at the hip. We spend 24/7 together and I love every minute of it. 

UAB did a wonderful job. Staff was great. Caring and sweet. I went under local incision with lots of great versed. Lol Felt great once it was over. We even stopped by jim n jicks to eats. But as soon as I got back in the truck I crashed.  The excision is huge. It is still draining today. 

LWE (today, 11/10/17) still draining

Day 2 post WLE (11/11/17)

This thang is looking nasty but it’s going to be my scar that will tell a story!! I praise my Lord everyday.  Lots of pain today. They told me not to mess with this tape stuff but all I want to do is scrub that dried up blood. Im guessing this is gonna be a nice bruise in a few days. 

Day 3 post WLE

The big bad melanoma one!

I have completly stopped using the norco pain pills. I have been on iburprofin 800mg every 8 hours, plus ice packs. And that has really helped. I think the ice packs were amazing!! They felt so good! Swelling not as bad. Still itches like crazy! I had a reg appt today to remove the stitches in my left shoulder and my derm looked at my leg and he said he looked great. 


Notice the blue circles...I thought the swelling was getting worse so we marked it. It wasn’t. Thank goodness.


I had 2 more biopsies done today as well (11/13/17) Both on my stomach. Praising my Lord almighty!! Please Lord let them be benign. 

2 weeks post WLE

Is it wierd to love a scar? To want to show everyone? I find mysef pulling up my pant leg several times a day. I am proud of this scar. This scar shows Gods love for me! His eternal, unchanging, never ending love! How he saved me from this nasty cancer that had invaded my body. So yes, “wanna see my scar?” comes out of my mouth alot. 

First dyplastic nevi- mild (#5)

I had 2 biopsies on Nov 13, 2017 from Dr Jeffrey Martin. I just don’t know when it’s enough. My skin is covered in freckles and moles. When in doubt cut it out.. 


Guess my gut was right. This one came back dyplastic nevi-mild, which is recommended to clear the margins so I will be having a simple in office procedure soon to clear the margins. 


Biopsy one of two on Nov 13 (#5)

Second Dyplastic nevi-moderate 11/13/17 #6

I had this one biopisied at the same time as the one above. I think I am beginning to be able to tell what’s concerning to me. Mine appear to have a darker dot in the middle if they are something of concern. I’m learning. It’s been an experience. I have to get the margins cleared on these 2 on Dec 12, 2017.  

More...Dec 5, 2017 (back of arm #7)

I know this is a awful picture but it’s the best I could get. I had this one biopsied today. (I got the call the next day it was Dysplastic Nevi-no further treatment needed) Thank you Lord God almighty. 

Dec 7, 2017 (back of left arm #8)

I have a before picture somewhere-when I sort thru my 100+ mole pictures I will change the photo. This one came back Dysplastic Nevi with no further treatment required. Praise God!! 

#9 upper Left thigh (outter side) Dysplastic Nevi

Will find the picture soon. Between dr appts and my dads Kidney Cancer, Christmas shopping and running a business I am swamped. Anyway, it was DN-no further treatment requirer. 

#10 bottom-right Leg Compound Nevi

You can tell by the arrangement of my moles I was a heavy tanner. Stupid. Stupid! This one was compound Nevi. No further treatment required. Thank you Lord

(Top is on the picture becuase I had two on the leg, so that one is at the top) 

#11 Bottom of right leg-Compound Nevi

I have got to get a better method for keeping up with all these suckers! No further treatment.  Thank you Lord

#12 Lower left lg. Dysplastic-Mild

Here we go again with the Mild. Going to have to get the margins cleared on Dec 28. Plastic surgeon in Gadsden, Dr Myers, will be doing it. 

#5-Clearing the margins 12/28/17

I had the margins cleared today on #5 & #6.  This one was moderare dysplastic. I wasn’t expecting all this. But I’m glad it’s done. It’s very sore today. 

#6-Clearing the margins 12/28/17

On my belly: this mild dysplastic nevi was cleared today.  This is on the left side of my stomach